Formec Biffi – Mayo and Pesto sauce

Substitution of the glass 1062 ml jar with our SocoJarsTM jar 82 mm neck, cold filling.
This has been the first project done with our new SocoJarsTM product in 2008-2009 and still successfully on the shelf.
Since in this project we didn’t had to face the hot filling we decrease the jar weight down to 50 gr.
You can see the original As we can see the Formec Biffi Group decided to highlight the fact that they had moved to plastic instead of trying to make the plastic jar look like the glass.
This because the marketing wanted to underline the fact that the new conainer in our PET is much more recyclable then the old one in glass, so they also change the cap.
glass jar on the left and our SocoJarsTM jar on the right.

1. Glass jar

2. SocoJars™ PET Mayo jar

3. SocoJars™ PET Pesto jar

Formec Biffi – Sauce Lines

Last project done with the Formec group.
We did the same thing done for the mayonese and pesto but here we had to face the hot filling process.
So we kept the same 82mm neck and we just increased the weight up to 67 gr and modify a little bit the jar shape to have higher resistance to the vacuum coming from hot filling.
The customer is willing to create a complete plastic line for jars and this is the reason why we kept many common points also with the previous project (the sleever, the plastic cap…etc..etc).
This sauses are on the shelf since 2010 and they are filled up to 80’ C.

1. Glass jar 1kg. for hot filling

2. SocoJars™ jar 1kg for hot filling