Socojars® is a revolutionary kwon-how which allows you to create a real and cheap alternative to glass in the food business world.

With this new technology we are in fact able to achieve PET containers (both with small and big “mouth”) which are resistant to heat (temperatures around 82° C +/-2°) in order to make them suitable to the processes hot filling typical of the food industry filling lines.

But that’s not enough.

With our technology we are able to match this extraordinary thermal resistance with an high oxygen barrier. This oxygen barrier is essential in order to guarantee the product the same shelf life currently possible with the glass packaging.

This barrier is not obtained with elaborate coatings processes or expensive multilayer barriers methods, but simply with the use of a modified PET in the polymer chain level.

This detail is very important because it allows to have the same degree of recyclability of the standard PET (for example that of the mineral waters). Using other plastics achieving that barrier thru multilayer technologies (eg. the Coextruded Polypropylene with its EVOH obtained barrier) the two layered sandwiched barrier material (made of different plastic) makes container recycling difficult.

All of our materials, additives, colors, etc are certified for direct contact with food and were validated thru accurate objects Migration Test.

Our solution also primary aims to be suitable for the same filling lines currently used for other types of packaging without forcing the customer to costly and time consuming modifications processes.